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Conflict Ben Fogel's Extreme Dreams, BBC 2 / Ricochet
Action Dog Detectives, Discovery / Screen Cut TV
Stories"We thought he was dead" / Friday Productions
ASMRHidden Britain by Drone,Channel 4 / Windfall - unused sequence

I’m a fast, experienced and friendly Avid editor with over 15 years of broadcast credits and I have cut for all the major broadcasters. With a passion to pull out the story and the ability to get the best out of contributors and making sense of UGC. All of this backed by a strong technical base.

I am happy with a wide range of subjects and genres, from factual entertainment, to getting to know people in obs doc and I'm also very happy working on in-depth history and political documentaries.

People are always the heart of the story, but I know how to cut for crime, food, property, technology, history and politics. I have dealt with sensitive stories and walked the compliance tightrope for both blue light and crime shows as well as other more personal and sensitive subjects.

I’ve worked on rig shoots and archive heavy shows, managing large amounts of footage. I can work as a single editor but I’m also used to collaborating as part of a post-production team

edit credits include…

Hidden Britain by Drone With Tony Robinson (50min) Channel 4 / Windfall

Heatwave extra: Aerial archeological discoveries with Sir Tony.

Playgrounds of the Rich & Famous (45min) Channel 5 / Crackit

St Barts in the Caribbean. Celebs, restaurants, super-yachts and expensive villas.

Car Pound Cops (46min) Channel 5 / Middlechild

Obs Doc following car and truck recovery and the traffic cops they work with.

My Best Friend is an Animal (6 x 50min) Love Nature / Big Wave

Bizarre friendships with spiders, manatees, sharks, chickens and more.

SOS Snowdonia (12 x 30min) BBC / Darlun

Obs Doc following the highs and lows of Mountain Rescue and Emergency Services in Snowdonia.

WW II Treasure Hunters (60min) History Channel / Emporium Productions

Forgotten history from World War 2 with Suggs. Rework and extra sections, including an interview in french.

Dog Detectives (10 x 45min) Discovery / Screen Cut TV

Blue light with police dogs and their handlers.

Teen Mums (w/t) (7 x 45min) Channel 5 / Dragonfly/Endemol.

Teen aged mums juggle babies and start-up businesses. Included multi-cam location shoots with 2 to 7 cameras and a multi-cam rig in the house.

Hoarder Homes: No Room to move (60min) Channel 5 / Crackit

THouse clearers help an obsessive collector overcome their problems.

Shoplifters and Scammers (60min) Channel 5 / Crackit

Blue light Obs Doc with bodycam - the teams coping with fraud and theft on the streets.

Travels in Euroland with Ed Balls (3 x 60min) BBC 2 / Expectation

Ed Balls goes to Europe to meet the people who are voting for the new populist parties. I reworked and added new material for all 3 programmes.

Food Unwrapped (30 min) Channel 4 / Ricochet

A great series revealing surprising and amazing facts about the food we all eat, by going to see where it comes from and then having fun applying the science. I cut 4 programmes.

Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle (3 x 50min) BBC2 / Ricochet

Ben takes people with backstories on perilous, and possibly life changing, trips to remote places.

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer TCM Friday Film Club - TCM / Hello Mary

Vic and Bob chose and chat about their favourite 4 films with their trademark off the wall humour. Fun to work on!

Ugly House to Lovely House (50min) Channel 4 / Amazing

George Clarke helps the redesign and rebuilt of contributors homes. Cut additional sections and finishing work.

Great Artists with Tim Marlow (3 x 30min) Channel 5 / Seventh Art

Tim gives an accessible introduction to classical artists. I cut episodes on Turner, Bruegel and Giotto.

Outrageous Weddings (2 x 50min) Seven / Back2Back

Jumping out of hot air balloons or climbing to the base of Everest, just two of the things people do to get married! Archive driven clip show.

Living in the Sun (45min, 2 seasons) BBC 2 / Ricochet

Spanish property programme. Contributors are helped to make the move out of the UK. I worked on both seasons.

Secrets of the Bog Bodies (50min) Nat Geo / Electric Sky

Fascinating documentary about Irish archeology and history including a long look at the amazing Newgrange stone age burial tomb.

Hotspots (several seasons) ARTV / CNN

CNN's travel programme. Places to go on holiday.

Art Club (several seasons) ARTV / CNN

Art programme covering the whole world. Included interviews with many artists and Yoko Ono!

Pier (several seasons) Antelope / ITV

Art programme for adults. Short documentaries about various issues.

Pier Pressure (several seasons) Antelope / ITV

Art programme for teenagers. Interviews and reports packaged in an high energy format.